Morrison.Financial [MF] is a website created by Quinn Morrison–a licensed life & health insurance agent with a background in digital design.  Created to be a communication hub for financial services and business-centered clients.  It was also designed to provide ready resources for businesses, professionals, and families to utilize and benefit from.

MF aims to ensure as many folks as possible fully understand their health insurance options, educating them on what is available, and how it applies to the world we live in post-2020.  We like to start at protecting income in case we fall ill or worse.

Contact us if you or anyone you know can use more information on work benefits, life & health insurance, retirement planning, business solutions, and before life deals you a card that is hard to recover from financially.

The "Why"

We live in one of the greatest countries in the world. Besides the landscape, we think it is so because of the resources, the people, and the opportunity to achieve financial security. And still, more and more are going through financial hardship because they didn’t have a plan–or they did, but things didn’t turn out as expected.

Unlucky events like having to leave work due to illness or injury are becoming more common post-pandemic. We consider protecting income and the ability to provide at the start of every plan. When life happens, and our income is sacrificed, we need to be able to evaluate the situation effectively.

Having a trusted financial advisor and plan in place can make a big difference, especially in retirement. And, in turn, the availability of resources that can help us live longer and happier lives.

A message:

Hello friends,

After living in several places, working in many industries, meeting many people, and working in different organizational roles, I am proud to say that I am back home in Utah and working in the financial industry. People ask me “Why on earth…?” and the truth is it’s a mixed bag. As much as I love working on an art project or building a website (still taking projects 😂), I like connecting with people and sharing stories.

Unfortunately, a lot of stories I hear can tie back to a health or financial event in someone’s life that could have been prepared for, prevented, or managed better in some way. We live in one of the greatest countries ever with some of the best opportunities to make a living and be a part of a strong community. Still, too many folks are experiencing financial hardship because of something they thought they had covered.

Cancer and critical illnesses unbiasedly take their pick out of our population. When the worst happens, they can take away more than our health, they have the ability to disintegrate income and savings all while we try to gain our health back.


As of 2020, bankruptcy happens to about 2000 Americans a DAY due to medical-related bills they thought they had coverage for. And when it comes to retirement and wealth management, having an advisor can easily make the difference between 30-40% of a portfolio in 10-20 years’ time.

Because of all this, please reach out to me OR ANY financial professional you trust. When you want a first or second or third opinion, contact me and I promise to add value by providing guidance or corroborating your plan of action–which is a powerful thing.

And because I couldn’t help it, please check out the website I built and connect! 🤓 :


Cheers and take care out there,

-Quinn Morrison