4 reasons networking is important to your career development

There’s no denying that meeting new people can feel uncomfortable. However, if you can face your fears, you’ll be amazed by the connections you can make with co-workers, old friends, and yes, even strangers.

Here are 4 reasons why networking is important to your career development:

  1. Networking contributes to your social well-being
  2. Networking leads to the exchange of ideas
  3. Networking helps you meet people at all professional levels
  4. Networking boosts your professional confidence

Why WE like to network

Outside of our website [Morrison.Financial] we operate in the community as a referral-based business.  Our clients share our information with their network to share the value.  And this helps us spend more time with clients vs. cold marketing.  Besides, they say networking is important for our health AND our finances 😎.

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Networking contributes to your social well-being

Networking can increase your social well-being and help you develop lifelong friends. You might be focused on the professional aspect of networking. However, many friendships have started in the workplace or at professional functions.

Networking isn’t just about taking — it’s also about giving, which makes it fertile ground for friendship. Having more people in your life can help you meet your new best friend and increase your overall happiness.

Why is networking important? Besides the social benefits, building relationships can be the key to making huge strides in your career path.

Even if you aren’t looking for a job right now, networking can bring interesting and relevant opportunities your way, especially for women.

A personal or LinkedIn connection may reach out about a role that’s perfect for you. They could also ask for your help to pursue a passion project. When people know what you’re interested in, they can help you find opportunities that you may have otherwise missed. You might even find your next mentor or business partner through networking.

According to Jobvite, 23% of people submit resumes through friends or former colleagues. This makes it clear why staying connected is so important. Building your network not only helps you find new opportunities, but it can help you secure a new role, too. The importance of referrals can’t be denied.